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Helping to Heal and Strengthen Relationships!

Drs. John and Julie Gottman know that building and healing relationships like yours is both an art and a science. Built on over 40 years of award-winning research combined with world-renowned therapy expertise, they have created a set of powerful tools for individuals and couples to help you build a relationship that not only lasts, but gives you a deep love, connection, and intimacy!


I have completed Gottman Level 3 Training, Treating Affairs and Trauma, Couples in Addiction Recovery, and Gottman Emotion Coaching for Parents!  I am a Gottman 7 Principles for Making Marriage Work Leader!

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Strengths Based Approach!

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I believe in the importance of identifying strengths as a critical strategy and therapeutic intervention as it can enhance relationships.  When we are in emotional pain we can't always focus on resolving problems. But I can offer a strength based solution wherein you focus on your strengths and how to move forward as you find the strength to deal with emotional pain. My goal is to make me obsolete! Focusing on building you up gives you the abilities to face life's challenges!

Relationship Conflict

Did you know that, through over 40 years of research, the Gottman's discovered that almost 70% of relational conflict is perpetual (not resolvable). Why you might ask? Well because we are all different. We have different personalities, views on emotions, life experiences, upbringings, values, goals, spiritual beliefs....well you get the picture! We are different! Because of all those differences, we have differing opinions on things like finances, in-law relationships, children (discipline, activities), friendships, etc. The problem that starts is that these differences in opinions become gridlocked and become a consistent conflict in our relationships. This leads to feelings of negativity and in-compatibility with our partners.  If this is where you are at Scroll down to see how I can help.....


Newly Enhanced Gottman Method

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The Gottman Enhanced Relationship Checkup (a research based Gottman questionnaire) and the Gottman Relationship Builder, integrates research-based interventions based on the Sound Relationship House Theory. My strengths based approach to counselling along with the Enhanced Gottman Method can help give you and your partner the tools to productively communicate about your conflicts in a way that builds deeper understanding, connection, affection, and intimacy in your relationship.  I am here to help you build a long lasting relationship that thrives!

Marathon Counselling

As it can be hard to make progress when you come in for an hour and then go back into the stresses of life for the rest of the week. The Gottman's have found that booking sessions over a 2-3 day period for 5-6 hours per day, helps you make the progress that could take 3 or more months to make. In fact, Dr. John Gottman only does Marathon Therapy for couples at this time. It can be a great alternative to regular weekly counselling for clients that really want to make some big changes in their relationship. 

Reach out to me to see how Marathon Therapy can help your Relationship!

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Healing Retreat


For those couples that want something Extraordinary! I offer all of the amazing proven tools of the Newly Enhanced Gottman Method, the proven results of Marathon Therapy, and my Strengths Based approach to counselling - all at an amazing location that allows you to leave the stressors of life behind and spend a weekend away where you focus on each other. You get to have amazing dates with your partner, all ready for you. Get pampered like you're at a spa! And best of all, you get to build a long lasting deeply bonded relationship, and you get to do it at an amazing location!

Contact me now for your Ultimate Relationship Experience!!

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